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UN report: Brazil is winning

The 2014 Human Development Report showed that Brazil is one of the countries where progress has been greatest over the last 30 years. And that is not by accident, but the result of a determined policy. An anti-austeriy policy now winning converts around the world.

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Irish civil society and Gaza

An overview of statements and actions by Irish NGOs and civil society groups, responding to the escalating crisis in Gaza.

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President Clinton calls for achievements on HIV and AIDS not to be an excuse to stop now

Second article by Dr. Enida Friel, from the Melbourne AIDS conference and in the aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17.

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What the media forgot to tell you.

We are getting more information than ever before. But are we getting ‘better informed’? – There are a lot of important stories that don’t make the headlines, and a new news service is trying to change that.

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Globalisation explained through ketchup

An illustration of globalisation, using the supply chain of tomato paste and tomato ketchup as an example.
Do you know where your tomato ketchup comes from?

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Guest bloggers wanted

An invitation to YOU, to write the next guest blog post.

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What people say to “Charity Begins At Home”

One of the most abused slogans is “Charity Begins At Home”.
So what have others said in response to this excuse not to donate or support solidarity beyond the immediate family?

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25 September – the world wonders if Aid is working

On 25 September, world leaders gather in New York to take stock of the progress made in global development.
Here are a few articles, tweets and videos trying to answer the question that those world leaders will ask: “Is aid working?”

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Regulating Charities

A summary of responses to the Government’s announcement that it will create a Charity Regulator.

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Ireland’s new Development Policy – A word count analysis

A quick word count analysis of Ireland’s new Development Policy.

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