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Irish NGOs call on Government to back up its new International Development Policy by keeping Ireland’s aid promise

Irish NGOs have called on the Government to protect the ODA budget, saying Budget 2014 is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of Ireland’s commitment to the new Government Policy for International Development, “One World, One Future.”

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Why we are working towards Open Government

An invitation to join the discussions about “Open Government” in Ireland. And why Open Data is important for Development Cooperation.

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What you have been reading

Our top 11 articles on the blog.

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Telling the Good News Stories about Development

A new initiative illustrates the good news from developing countries, and reminds us of the phenomenal success the world is having when it comes to tackling poverty.

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New research into public attitudes to “Development”

This blog post examines the results of recent opinion polls, which show that public support in Ireland for overseas aid remains high, but that there are puzzling inconsistencies in people’s views on whether aid actually works.

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Time to hear from the urban poor

Why cities, and the communities of poor people living in the rapidly growing urban centres of the world, are going to be crucial in the fight against poverty.
(and why we in Dóchas are involved in the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty)

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Beyond Bananas

Reflections on solidarity and international cooperation, based on a presentation about the banana trade and the lives of farming communities in the Caribbean.

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Basing the Post-2015 Development Framework on Programmes That Work

As the world gets ready to debate what “Framework” should succeed the Millennium Development Goals, this blog post aims to collate some key areas of learning about what works, and what doesn’t, if we aim to ‘make poverty history’.

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Discussing “The World We Want”

An invitation to join the debate on

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