Another Ireland is possible

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Earlier this month, Social Justice Ireland presented an Alternative Budget, which showed that it is possible to redress public finances in Ireland and still keep our overseas aid promise.

“Act Now on 2015” argues that our response to the economic crisis is a matter of the choices we make – and that the choices we make today will determine what kind of Ireland we are building.

All of us in “Act Now” want to see an Ireland that plays an active role in the world, and that does not tolerate inequality and injustice.

This theme is taken up strongly by a new initiative, called “Claiming our Future”; an event, taking place on 30 October 2010, that offers a chance for people, NGOs and other civil society organisations to take steps towards a better Ireland.

Claiming our Future will “launch and mould a movement for an equal, sustainable and thriving Ireland”.

It is imperative that such a movement reflects the values and importance of international development cooperation for Ireland’s future.

After all, charity begins at home, but doesn’t end there. Overseas aid is not a matter of “Can we afford it in times of crisis?”: it is an expression of the type of society we want to live in, and the type of Ireland we want to build.

We will come out of the recession. We now need to determine what the price is that we are willing to pay for it.

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Ireland builds influence, through its overseas aid programme Working In Development

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