On Twitter: Irish NGOs mark the Rwanda genocide anniversary

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trocaire  @trocaire
Twenty years after the slaughter in #Rwanda, the seeds of mass atrocities are being sown elsewhere.  http://bit.ly/1g00MTb 

“In the wake of the Rwanda genocide, the concept of The Responsibility to Protect emerged in international relations. The basis of this concept is that all humans have a right to be protected from war crimes and ethnic cleansing, and that if their own government fails them, the international community is obliged to act.”

Concern  @ConcernCEO @aidwkr in today’s @IrishTimes re#rwandangenocide “one of the toughest assignments in 30 years”: http://bit.ly/1fVlGpM 
“With support from the Irish Government and public, we are working to ensure Rwanda’s vision becomes a reality.”

Still a Problem From Hell, Two Decades After #Rwanda http://thebea.st/1mTytgH  via @thedailybeast #humanrights

PlanGlobal  @PlanGlobal
75,000 of survivors were orphaned as a result of the #Rwanda genocide #Rwanda20yrs

GOALIreland @GOALIreland
Rwanda genocide survivor, Deo Niyizonkiza of @VHW + Rwanda genocide aid worker, @MauraLennon of GOAL, on @IrelandAMTV3at 8.15 #Rwanda20yrs

FieldsofLife @FieldsofLife
20th Anniversary Rwandan Genocide. Reconciliation http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/06/magazine/06-pieter-hugo-rwanda-portraits.html?_r=0 …

Portraits of Reconciliation: 20 years after the genocide in #Rwanda http://nyti.ms/1efU3no 

Concern  @Concern
#Rwanda Country Director w/ @Concern Alice Simington on radio describing the atmosphere in Kigali today:  http://bit.ly/1jntpxs 

Bothar  @Bothar
Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide. 20 yrs on @Bothar is helping communities make a difference, How,cows & creameries

In 100 days, almost 1 million people were killed in the#RwandanGenocide #Rwanda20years

trocaire  @trocaire
Mary Sweeney shares powerful memories of her work for Trócaire in the aftermath of the #genocide in #Rwanda in 1994:  http://bit.ly/1fZY2VP 

Photo of the week: the co-operative helping Domina from Rwanda and women like her. #Rwanda20yrs pic.twitter.com/94jxSN5EWg

·Actionaid_Ire  @Actionaid_Ire
#Rwanda voices: we are all single mothers; together we are strong http://act.ai/1k2Pg0I 

Concern  @Concern
Compelling video with @Concern CEO @aidwkr (via @IrishTimes) who headed response in #Rwanda after the genocide:  http://bit.ly/1g0gy0o 

MSF  MSF International@MSF
MSF releases case studies that reveal the organisation’s internal struggle during the Rwandan genocide.  http://speakingout.msf.org/en/the-great-lakes … #Rwanda20yrs

trocaire  @trocaire
Éamonn Meehan recalls his #Rwanda experience 20 years ago in today’s @IrishIndo http://bit.ly/OqqEA7 


Twenty years on from #Rwanda, what did we learn?  http://shar.es/BRQZV 
The world is still failing to act despite genocide shame
“Rwanda…20 years on. Has the unforgettable country been forgotten?” -Camara CEO reflects-
Today marks 20 years since the start of genocide in in which an 800,000 people were killed
Genocide survivor, visionary & CEO. This is an extraordinary story.
VIDEO: 20 years on, see how are helping teachers build a better future for children in

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