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Why is 2015 the European Year for Development?

A short explanation of why 2015 is such an important year, and why it has been chosen as the European Year for Development.

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Keeping the Aid promise

With less than 1,000 days to go, the world needs reminding that the Millennium Development Goals cannot be reached if rich countries do not resource the efforts.

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The World We Want: Equality and Equity?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the new global agreement on how to end poverty should include more emphasis on the fight against inequality and inequity. Are we discovering the political side of “sustainable development”?

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Basing the Post-2015 Development Framework on Programmes That Work

As the world gets ready to debate what “Framework” should succeed the Millennium Development Goals, this blog post aims to collate some key areas of learning about what works, and what doesn’t, if we aim to ‘make poverty history’.

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Discussing “The World We Want”

An invitation to join the debate on

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A new partnership?

Dóchas has launched a new website, to help facilitate debate about the priorities for the 2013 Irish EU Presidency.
The site is specifically designed to encourage you to contribute to the debate.
Let us know if it is working for you!

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Time to have your say: What World Do You Want?

A blog post outlining some of the many opportunities for ordinary people to have a say, and to contribute to a shared vision for a better future.

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The World's Best News - images

One of the most important graphs. Ever.
Today is World Food Day. A day to celebrate that the days of truly enormous famines are over:
Meet "Chocolate Mamas", producers of chocolate in #Tanzania, creating Tanzanian jobs. While #cocoa is grown in West Africa and Asia, most #chocolate (the finished product) is made in Europe or the USA. Meet Jaki Kweka, who is trying to change that.
By creating protected areas and national parks and by limiting the spread of soy bean cultivation, Brazil has managed to drastically reduce the amount of rain forest being cleared.
Costa Rica, #Afghanistan, China, #India and Albania are all embracing renewable energy sources.
Social change needs empowered citizens, and empowered citizens need occasional encouragement. Great to hear that we're not the only ones who believe in the power of positive news!
50,000 rice farmers in #IvoryCoast are now working with better seeds, improving food security in the West African country. As a result, harvests have increased. Source: World Bank, photo: Jbdodane / CC BY
Sub-Saharan Africa’s first light rail system starts operations. As Ethiopians celebrate their New Year, they also prepare to mark the beginning of operations of a tram system in the #Ethiopian capital #AddisAbaba. Read more:
Going Mobile in #Malawi”. A mobile phone information service established last year to provide timely information to rural poor farmers in a southern African country, has been used nearly half a million times since its launch. Established in Malawi by Gorta-Self Help Africa last year, the ‘321’ voice-activated service provides subscribers to the country’s largest mobile phone network with farm information and advice that they can access at the push of a button. And it’s all free.
10,000 copies of "The World's Best News" were distributed all over #ireland today! See how The Irish Times described our newspaper, and click the link to read all the articles online!

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