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Charities, NGOs, Active Citizenship and the Government

A blog post reflecting on the need for greater charity regulation in Ireland, and looking at the reasons why the EU and the OECD come out strongly in favour of a greater role for civil society in sustainable development processes.

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Charities and Financial Transparency

A short note on the importance of transparency and clarity when it comes to aid data – for Governments as well as for NGOs.

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Starvation Photography – The ethics of capturing human suffering

The famine in the Horn of Africa has revived the debate on the ethics of famine photography.

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Beware of fake charity collections

This blog post offers a simple and quick check to determine if the clothes collection flyer you have just received comes from a legitimate non-profit.

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Regulating Charities

A recent “Irish Times” editorial called for speedy implementation of Ireland’s Charities Act. We agree, and say that NGO regulation needs to go beyond minimum legal criteria; Ireland’s Development NGOs want to self-regulate to much higher standards.

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