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2015 needs to become the beginning of an era

Reflections on the year ahead, by Gabriele Koehler.

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Lima Climate summit: An overview of reactions

This weekend in Lima, UN member states reached an agreement on how countries should tackle climate change. The talks proved difficult because of divisions between rich and poor countries over how to spread the burden of the costs of adaptation and the mitigation of further climate change.
This article links to an overview of how major news media reported on the outcome of the negotiations, and how various groups responded.

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Are we ready for ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’?

Is “Climate Smart Agriculture” the next big thing? Irish Aid has supported a new international alliance on CSA, but many CSOs are worried.

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Climate Change is worsening world Hunger, says Irish Government

Article co-written by Irish Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore; Mary Robinson, president of the Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice; Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the World Food Programme; and Frank Rijsberman, the chief executive of CGIAR, a global agricultural research partnership – published first on Euractiv.

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Time to hear from the urban poor

Why cities, and the communities of poor people living in the rapidly growing urban centres of the world, are going to be crucial in the fight against poverty.
(and why we in Dóchas are involved in the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty)

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Change is unavoidable, so we must choose the change we want

Ireland is in bad need for positive news. The weather is disappointing, and our football team has failed to lift the mood of a nation that is reeling from economic crisis as well as a sense of loss of independence and of identity. The financial crisis, which has left thousands of people across the country struggling to make ends meet, is compounded by a profound feeling of national self-doubt, as the “Celtic Tiger” has gone from a supposed model for other European countries to becoming the ultimate symbol of hubris and wastage.

Our Government and President have both been elected on a platform of change, and on the back of a promise to re-invent the Republic. And this is only right: It is very obvious that the way we did things in Ireland no longer provides a useful, or desirable, model for the future.

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Rio+20 – A Time To Move Forward

Some reflections ahead of the June 2012 UN conference on Sustainable Development

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Linking the global with local – ‘inclusive development’ for both North and South

This weekend I attended the CIVICUS World Assembly, to get a sense of current thinking among civil society actors from across the globe, and to help us strategise for the coming years.

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