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Thirty Years Ago, a News Video Shocked the World – Here’s What We Learned About Famine Since Then

On 23 October, it will be exactly 30 years since a BBC report alerted the world to a famine in Ethiopia. Here’s what we learned about Famine, since then.

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In search of the next big “super food”?

One of the recurring securities of the “global development” sector is that, every so often, someone claims to have found the silver bullet. Most recently, there are many that claim that Teff, a grain variety grown mainly in Ethiopia, is the new solution to global malnourishment.

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The International Year of Quinoa – Every silver lining has a cloud.

2013 has been named the International Year of Quinoa. But as these articles demonstrate, there is a growing debate about whether the growing demand for this superfood is contributing to growing poverty in Bolivia and Peru. This article provides links to a large number of articles on the issue.

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14 Reasons NOT to donate to Somalia

A comment, and summary, of a recent article in Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, which listed 14 reasons why people should not help the victims of the famine in Somalia – and then gave one reason why they should.

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Horn of Africa faces worst drought in 60 years

In the Horn of Africa, famine yet again threatens the lives of millions of people as the region is experiencing its worst drought in 60 years. Yet again it’s the Horn of Africa that gives us these images of drought, famine and starvation. Immediately, one recalls the famine of 1984 when similar images from Ethiopia shocked the world.

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