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The NGO of the Future?

This blog aims to promote discussion among Irish Development NGOs, as they continue to articulate their views of Development Effectiveness and quality standards for their work. It argues that NGOs need to go beyond statements of Principles, and reconsider their fundamental role: The NGO of the future is not an implementor, but a networker.

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Effectiveness Matters

From time to time, someone – usually a politician or journalist – issues a call that our overseas aid programmes “should be subject to the same tests of value for money as every other Government programme.” The implication of such statements is that somehow it isn’t already. The truth is, that overseas aid is one of the most evaluated and assessed areas of Government expenditure.

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Dóchas’ impact? Thoughts on monitoring and evaluating NGO networks.

The Dóchas annual report for 2009 is now on-line. We have developed a number of indicators to measure our impact, but at the heart of any NGO network lies the question of what constitutes “impact”. Based on a recent INTRAC publication, this blog argues that reasonably good monitoring and evaluation of learning networks is possible, and that user and stakeholder feedback is key to determining impact and relevance.

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