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What you have been reading

Our top 11 articles on the blog.

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Ireland’s new Development Policy – A word count analysis

A quick word count analysis of Ireland’s new Development Policy.

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The International Year of Quinoa – Every silver lining has a cloud.

2013 has been named the International Year of Quinoa. But as these articles demonstrate, there is a growing debate about whether the growing demand for this superfood is contributing to growing poverty in Bolivia and Peru. This article provides links to a large number of articles on the issue.

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Aid alone will not end Poverty – As we keep undermining its effectiveness

A new report highlights the EU’s track record in Development. Europe is a very big, and very good, aid donor. But is that enough?

“The big picture is fairly straightforward. Europe has generous and effective aid programmes, and makes a distinct contribution to global environmental challenges. But Europe’s policies on trade (especially agriculture), security and sharing technology have much less positive impact on development.”

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Aid Effectiveness? – Donors not making enough progress, says NGO report

A new NGO report shows that progress on aid donors’ promises to improve development cooperation is slow.

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“Development programmes that work” – A short anthology of examples from research

This blog post presents a series of results from Randomised Control Trial Studies in various areas of development cooperation. It aims to present an overview of evidence presented to date on which programme types really work.

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Rio+20 – A Time To Move Forward

Some reflections ahead of the June 2012 UN conference on Sustainable Development

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Trade, Growth and Development

Many aid donors have re-discovered “the market” as a means towards economic development. And as so often before, the aid debate risks getting rid of both the baby and the bath water…

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What we blogged about in 2011

An overview of some of the key issues we focused on during 2011.

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Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation – The Good, the Bad and the New?

In this guest blog post, Abdul Ilal offers some reflections on the new Development paradigm, arising from the Busan summit. He provides some recommendations for the future of the Irish development cooperation programme, in the context of the Review of the White Paper on Irish Aid.

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