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Reflections on HLM Mexico

A reflection on the recent meeting on “Development Effectiveness” that took place in Mexico.

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Why are all eyes on Mexico this week?

This week, Dóchas member organisations and NGOs from around the world gather in Mexico, to see how their experience can help improve the world’s efforts to end poverty.

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What will 2014 bring?

A short overview of some key Aid and Development related processes happening in 2014

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What you have been reading

Our top 11 articles on the blog.

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Ireland’s overseas assistance generosity may yield longer-term economic benefits for the country

Dr. Pat McCloughan presents some new facts on Irish aid, and takes a fresh angle by looking at the longer-term economic benefits to Ireland from Ireland continuing to be proportionately generous in respect of overseas assistance.

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Aid to poor countries falls further

Reactions to the latest OECD statistics which show that, despite pledges to the contrary, donor aid budgets are falling.

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Towards the end of tax dodging?

Tax dodging by multinationals is finally becoming a hot topic in political debate.

In early April, news media reported on the first results of a major research project by the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. This project revealed deliberate tax dodging by a wide range of wealthy individuals, using the same tactics as a large number of global companies.

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Aid Effectiveness? – Donors not making enough progress, says NGO report

A new NGO report shows that progress on aid donors’ promises to improve development cooperation is slow.

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Charities, NGOs, Active Citizenship and the Government

A blog post reflecting on the need for greater charity regulation in Ireland, and looking at the reasons why the EU and the OECD come out strongly in favour of a greater role for civil society in sustainable development processes.

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Day 3 of the Busan Summit – Video blog by Hans Zomer

On Day 3 of the Busan Summit, Dochas Director Hans Zomer tells us about the latest developments of the 4th High Level Summit on Aid Effectiveness.

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